What is Technical Analysis ?

The Technical analysis is a methodology to assist you in deciding the timing of investments, which is very vital to make wise investment decisions. The technical analysis is based on the assumption that history tends to repeat itself in the stock exchange. If a certain pattern of activity has in the past produced certain results nine out of ten, one can assume a strong likelihood of the same outcome whenever this pattern appears in the future. However technical analysis lacks a strictly logical explanation. Technical Analysis is the study of the internal stock exchange information and not of those external factors which are reflected in the stock market. All the relevant factors, whatever they may be can be reduced to the volume of the stock exchange transactions and the level of share price or more generally, the sum of the statistical information produced by the market. Few of the most commonly used technical analysis methods for share market Trading are Japanese Candlestick (most powerful stock charting method), Price Curves, Trend Lines, High Low Charts and Moving averages. Our Technical Analysis Software StocktechTM will help you to become technical analyst on your own.

Share Market Tips

The investment of funds in the shares market is no less than the game for those beginners in this field. The shares market is a place where the shares and companies of many companies that range from small, medium and large companies are bought and traded. Online trading is prevalent these days, and most people prefer it for quick money. It has attracted many investors who need fast cash from the comforts of their home. Several market advisers help you make the right decision when selling or buying shares. An excellent way to avoid losses is that investors are helping with the advice of the shares market for any reliable and reliable trading company. Over time, you will gain confidence in the system and be able to manage your investment on your own without problems. Here are share market tips for beginners that you should know about.

1. Do your research

It is very natural for novice investors to follow blind advice on the shares market available on the Internet, but this should not be the right way. You should thoroughly investigate the credibility of the online trading portal before subscribing to the daily market suggestions. The right decision will save you time and make you earn this extra money. Online brokerage firms offer hedging solutions, commodity brokerage services and arbitration bureau to meet the requirements of all types of market participants. You can analyze the most popular broker reviews and know the basics before choosing the best broker online.

2. Set goals

As a beginner, set long-term goals to obtain a great benefit when investing in shares. If you want to save for your retirement or future expenses, you are setting long-term goals that help you understand the importance of saving better. If you're going to invest in a system or investment instrument for a short time, you can consider another investment tool for investment, since the volatility of the shares market does not provide the certainty of whether you can access your funds when necessary.

3. Know the market requirements

Once you have identified these requirements, you can easily choose the right investor. Look at the complete image and try to find out the root cause of the increase and the fall in prices. Take your time to learn everything about shares prices. Keep in mind that these prices continue to change. Avoiding all types of transactions based on rumors is essential. Check shares prices before buying or selling them. Always check the performance, profits, market shares and the net worth of the company.

4. Choose strong companies

You should avoid investing in penny shares and choosing companies that have solid fundamentals. That gives some assurance that the company can support the volatility of the shares market, as well as better long-term yields and greater availability of liquidity.

5. Always deal with registered brokers

Always deal with registered individual investment companies and make sure they are registered or not. Then, another thing you must remember is not following the reports of actions or blind assets that appear in the media. Always use the sense of intellectual knowledge to analyze those reports, and the main thing does not show much of the greed that can and what more often is to reverse the investment failures in the part that is. You have a condition for it, and the last possibility is not to provide any document without analyzing the full terms and conditions.

6. Know all risk levels

You must be careful when choosing the risk associated with the investment before putting your money into something. The best way to identify the risks associated with the various products and determines the best option is to make a complete comparison between the different schemes. Understanding the level of investment risk will help you avoid tools that can see that you incur losses.

7. Using some shares trading systems

Using the shares trading system can help you make the right decisions when it comes to reading current trends. Some websites offer advice for the shares market, and you can eliminate your doubts without having to wait any longer. With this considerable competition that prevails in the market, the research analyst makes sure to help him trade without problems with the right advice for the shares market. It takes a lot of time, resources and experience to analyze shares market trends, make a graph and invest well.

8. Improve your emotional quotient

The control of emotions is a prerequisite to investing in the shares market. The market sentiment towards the company becomes evident through the price of its shares. The change in shares prices are affected by the constant conflict between bears and bulls and the speculations that affect short-term price changes.

9. Do not be tempted by the performance of the sector

All the time the veteran and professional merchants have directorial preferences. Their decisions are based on many economic and other factors. Individual investors are advised not to exceed the choices of this sector. They should know what each company is worth in the investment sector. The largest company in this sector is not always the best.

10. Do not be greedy

You should never be greedy with the market conditions more and more favorable for your positions. The shares market is very volatile, so professional traders cannot predict market movements, making it impossible for beginners. Most people lose out in the shares market due to greed. You must select the entry and exit points before investing your money. Once the objectives are met, you must close your positions.

11. Diversification of investments

Expert investors generally trade with diversity by analyzing, classifying and calculating the risks associated with the investment. Beginners can face some problems in the initial stage and must gain experience before diversifying their investments.

12. Be wise and do not trust

Always invest your investments in high risk and low-risk shares. Keep in mind that the online shares market is unstable and that balancing your money is the only way to save money. Do not invest all your assets in long-term investments. Be prudent and spend some cash in profitable short-term shares. These actions help you in financial emergencies. When it comes to trading shares online, stick to well-known companies. Do not rely on the attractive promises of low rates and quick benefits offered by new and unknown players.

13. Know how to predict the future of the share market

Today's shares market advice only covers current and future aspects of specific portfolios or securities. It does not shed enough light on the future of these shares or securities so that the investor has entirely bet on their savings. Therefore, it is essential for the newcomer to take advantage of current tips for the shares market for beginners that will provide them with a solid foundation from which to build their future portfolio. However, it is advisable to have your evaluation of the final decision-making process, as in the investment business; there is one thing that fits all.

14. Avoid influence

Leverage is the option that the trade can use to finance its investments. Brokerage companies and banks can grant loans worth approximately 50% of their nominal value to buy shares for margin accounts. The shares market is unpredictable, so there is an equal probability of profit and loss. If the transaction turns against you, you are likely to lose all your investments, including the amount plus the cost of interest you have to pay the agent.

15. Know the current prices of the shares

The price of the shares is the crucial factor. As a general rule, buy stocks at low prices and sell at high prices. That is the fundamental basis for obtaining profits in the shares market. Always check your sale and purchase prices. Be patient when it comes to commerce. Wait for the right moment before making the final decision. Always aim to increase your profits by trading promptly. As you say, follow the trend and support the market from abroad before surrendering to it. Avoid trusting the newbie because the information you get may not be reliable. Do not believe in the news without confirmation. Never take advice from those who have no practical experience in shares markets.

16. Avoid investment based on price.

You should avoid investing in shares based on shares prices. A large number of investors attracts Low-price or shares-penny shares. The costs of the shares can be low due to the poor performance of the company, and it is good to avoid investing in them.

17. Be careful when buying any shares

Be careful when buying any shares from any company, be sure to see the level of increase and fall of the shares, for example, if you buy fifty shares of XYZ and then suddenly goes up and down so that the loss can cause you to take precautions necessary to buy or sell any Share. Invest in proper research and thinking.


Investing in the stock market can be a risky part, but it is better to treat all your investment efforts like a business. But before buying an action, you must make sure that the loss is or is ready, as it is an essential part of the shares market, but it can be reduced or controlled if it is invested wisely.


To avoid losses as a beginner, you must rely on the best share market tips that will assist you in planning your financial goals with your plans of investment. You must meet the calculated risks and play safely with the best use of the share market tips for beginners. It is important to know that the stock market exceeds conditions such as shares prices, trade and profits. The first rule of this financial sector is that there are no specific rules. There is no guide for ideal capital investments, and then you need to learn from the experiences and make wise decisions for better profits. Having a strong share's market can be difficult, but ways such as online shares trading make your trip very enjoyable.