Technical Analysis and Stock Charting Software StocktechTM

Technical analysis Software helps in analysis of stocks and shares from various stock charting methods and provides great information and assistance to the technical analysts by saving their time in manual screening of thousands of stocks for the reliable and profitable technical signals. Technical Analysts favourite stock charting patterns are Japanese candle stick techniques (Dragon fly, Doji, Long legged doji, Gravestone), Moving Average, RSI, K D Lines and Stochastics. If a stock is having Buy or Sell signal in more than one of the above patterns, the chances of profitable trade is very high. Technical Analysis Software Stocktech TM shortlists the stocks having strong signals as per the above methods, thus simplifies the process of stock analysis and saves your valuable time. Become a Technical analyst on your own by using our Stock charting software.

Shortlisted Stocks list files generated by Stocktech Software

After Data updation the text files Daytradinglist, Doji family-nse, Engulfing-nse, Hammer-nse, valuebuz, volumebuz, volvalbuz will be generated with shortlisted stocks in those patterns or criteria when the option Nse Buzzing stocks is selected.

The text files dss, moving average and rsi will be generated when the option Survey(daily) is selected

Daytradinglist.txt - Provides Support & Resistance values for Stocks traded on High volume for the last 2 trading days which are having high possibility for profitable intraday trading.

Doji family-nse.txt - Provides list of shortlisted stocks with Doji like signals formed in Nse. Doji, Long legged doji, Dragon fly, Grave Stone etc

Engulfing-nse.txt - Provides list of shortlisted stocks with Engulfing like technical indicators formed in Nse. Bullish Engulfing Pattern and Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Hammer-nse.txt - Provides list of shortlisted stocks with Hammer patterns in Nse.

valuebuz.txt - List of stocks which are traded with big difference in opening and closing values.

volumebuz.txt - List of stocks which are traded in High Volume.

volvalbuz.txt - List of stocks which are traded in High volume also with big difference in opening and closing values

moving average.txt - List of stocks which are probably showing signals in Moving average method.

Rsi.txt - List of stocks which are falling from above in OVERBOUGHT zone and rising from below in OVERSOLD zone.

STOCHASTICS-DIVERGENT.txt - List of Stocks in POSITIVE STOCHASTICS DIVERGENT and NEGATIVE STOCHASTICS DIVERGENT will be listed for the stocks which are in database (NOT for all stocks in NSE)

RSI-DIVERGENT.txt - List of Stocks in POSITIVE RSI DIVERGENT and NEGATIVE RSI DIVERGENT will be listed for the stocks which are in database (NOT for all stocks in NSE)

COMMON-DIVERGENT.txt - List of Stocks which are in both Stochastics and Rsi Divergents for the stocks which are in database (NOT for all stocks in NSE)


Features of Stocktech TM Stock Technical Analysis Software

• Add or Remove any company and view Multiple graphs

• Upload data without manual feeding by uploading data from

• View Daily, Weekly, Monthly Stock charts for Technical Stock Analysis

• View Daily, Weekly, Monthly Technical Graphs

• Help and Theory regarding various Technicals in software

• User Defined input and shortlisting as per Moving Average Curve

• Shortlisting of stocks according to various Technical indicators.

• We are the only site selling the Fully Licensed versions of the Technical Analysis software StocktechTM.

• SOFTWARE WILL NOT GIVE ANY AUTOMATIC BUY OR SELL SIGNAL. You must have the ability to understand and analyse the signals in order to use our software for making investment decisions. In other words it is just an Stock charting software to assist you in analysing the companies from various technical chart patterns.

• Our Technical Analysis Software is NOT AVAILABLE for SALE ANYMORE as we do not have any team to offer any assistance in using the software. Many people assume that the software is automatic, but it is not and it involves lot of manual work in using the software.

If you are willing to do all the learning yourself by watching the video then please E-mail us to get 1 month trial. Please note that we cannot offer any kind of support in case of any problem in using our software. You are always free to follow our Technical Analysis of Stocks and recommendations in our website.

For sample of various charts that can be drawn using our Technical Analysis software StocktechTM, see our weekly recommendations for Stocks to Buy.